Casting lessons

Presentation and contact on the fly are two of the most important aspects in fly-fishing. If you cannot get the fly in front of the fish’s nose he can’t eat it. Once you have the fly in that strike zone it is important that have contact on the fly, if not you cant hook him.

We have taken anglers halfway around world in search of the fish of a lifetime, making sure that everything is right, the tides or river level, the terminal tackle and the flies. But no matter how good your guide is, he can only take you to within casting range of the fish, from there you’re on your own. If you can’t cast well you’ll never be able to successfully complete the most important part of your journey in search of trophy fish…the last couple feet.

If you are not happy with your casting, or over the years you’ve developed a casting problem, do yourself and all the guides all over the world that you’re ever likely to fish with a favour, come for some casting lessons. We can teach you the correct techniques from the word go. Once you’ve mastered the basic technique we can teach you to really make the fly line dance…from double hall casting to loop control and spey casting along with endless trick cast which at times can mean the difference between ultimate success and failure. You’ll be surprised at how easy fly casting can be with the correct tuition.