Casting lessons

Presentation and contact on the fly are two of the most important aspects in fly-fishing. If you cannot get the fly in front of the fish’s nose he can’t eat it.

Corporate breakaways

The unique stress free environment in which fly-fishing is practiced offer business professionals the ideal opportunity to discuss business or relax with staff and clients.


Day guiding

A day under the watchful eye of one of the FlyCastaway guides can cut years out of your fly-fishing learning curve.

Hosted Trips

Trips with one of our experienced staff!

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to have travelled and fished at some of the most remote destinations on the planet.


Tackle & Sponsors

At FlyCastaway we believe in using the finest fishing tackle and gear available. Over the years we have used these brands extensively and through trial and error believe they are the best for the destinations we offer.