Apalachicola Bay is an estuary and lagoon located on Florida’s northwest coast. Although primarily known for its superb oyster population, this area hosts in our opinion the finest sight fishing for large Tarpon found anywhere on the planet!

Gjuro Bruer runs a legendary guiding operation focusing on sight fishing for these large Tarpon in the Apalachicola Bay sytem during the prime months of May through to August. He and his team of skilled professionals will show you the best fishing the area has to offer. We have been fortunate that through our longstanding relationship with Gjuro to secure some prime season dates..unfortunately this is one of those destinations where there are more interested anglers than days in the season!

Guests are accommodated in self catering villas at Windmark Beach resort in Port St Joe Florida, which provide easy access to the fishing grounds each morning!

The Apalachicola Bay system also includes St. Georges Sound, St. Vincent Sound and East Bay, covering an area of about 208 sq. miles. Four islands St. Vincent Island to the west, Cape St. George Island and St. George Island to the south, and Dog Island to the east separate the system from the Gulf of Mexico. Water exchange occurs through Indian Pass, West Pass, East Pass and the Duer Channel. The lagoon has been designated as a National Estuarine Research Reserve and the Apalachicola River is the largest source of freshwater to the estuary. Combined with the Chattahoochee River and Flint River, Ochlockonee River they drain a watershed of over 20,000 sq. miles at a rate of 19,599 cubic feet per second according to the United States Geological Survey in 2002.

The region features 1,162 species of plants, and includes the largest natural stand of tupelo trees in the world. The area is also home to 308 species of birds, 186 species of fish, 57 species of mammals, and boasts the highest species density of amphibians and reptiles in all of North America, north of Mexico stated by the Apalachicola Reserve, 2002.Apalachicola Bay is part of the The National Estuarine Research Reserve System.

The fishing

Here they come 120ft at 11 oclock. Three em? Alright good. Now just waitwait…wait! O.K go ahead and cast, let it sit, alright strip-strip-strip-STRIP! He ate it. Keep stripping! NOW HIT HIM, HIT HIM. Clear that line, Bow, Bow!

If this sounds familiar then you probably have done some Tarpon fishing with the fly before, if not and that paragraph got your blood pumping and sounds like fun, well then this trip is for you as you will get to experience what its all about first-hand! This is 100% sight fishing for BIG Tarpon in clear shallow water, fly only and all just catch and release! The guides have been targeting Tarpon on the fly for as long as anyone else in Florida and pioneered the Tarpon fishing in the panhandle. This is their passion, obsession and fortunately for their guests it is also their addiction! All fishing is done off the guides flats skiffs which consist of Hells Bay Marquesas or Spear Boatworks Pro Vs.

Tarpon are the species around which modern day saltwater fly fishing has evolved and is considered by everyone who has fished for them as the ultimate Gamefish to tangle with on a fly. They have speed, power and force to match Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna and GTs, yet they can eat the fly as delicately as a Brown Trout sipping a dry. Most spectacular however is their aerial prowess, often clearing the water by 2 meters in single jump!

The fish in this region average 100+ pounds. The game begins early May and stretches through until early August. Seeing a 100+ pound silver monster inhaling your fly is a picture that will be burned into your memory for life. Actually getting these these ancient giants to boat however is almost more than most human beings can stand. The crystal clear water and relative lack of boat pressure along the beaches of northern Florida makes this area the prime sight fishing venue for Tarpon (and probably the best kept fishing secret) in the world.


Cost: USD$8500 pp ex Panama City Florida


  • 21 30 May 2013 (Sold Out)
  • 22 31 July 2013

Location: Florida, United States of America. Anglers need to travel to Panama City Florida, via Atlanta.

Max Pax: 5 pax and one FlyCastaway host (sharing 2 per boat and guide)


  • 10 days guided fishing
  • all transfers and ground transport for duration of the trip
  • complete fly selection
  • complimentary shirt and cap
  • 11 nights accommodation
  • Car rental (2 vehicles)
  • Breakfast and boat lunch


  • International Flights
  • Dinner – there is a selection of restaurants in the area where guests can dine. There is also the option of self catering on some nights at the villa.
  • Gratuities (USD$50ppd)

Getting thereThe easiest way to reach the fishing area is via Panama City – Florida. From there we will rent two vehicles to drive down to the accommodation and the fishing every day.

Target Species: Tarpon

Fishing season: May August

Pre trip

Time difference: GMT -05:00 (7 hours behind South Africa, 6 hours behind the United Kingdom)

Flight times:

  • Jhb Atlanta 16h25
  • Atlanta Panama City 01h10
  • London Miami 10h30
  • Miami Panama City 04h30 (via Atlanta)

Passports & Visa requirements:
All South African citizens entering the United States of America need a passport for at least 6 months and a Visa. Visas can be obtained from the United States consulate.Citizens from the United Kingdom may be eligible to travel to the United States visa free under the Visa Waiver Program, please contact your local travel agent for more information & terms and conditions.

Medical & Health Requirements: None

Currency: United States Dollar ($USD)

Language: English

Satellite Phone & Communications:
Cell phone reception and internet access is readily available

Tackle & Gear
All fisdhing will be done using top quality 9ft 12wt saltwater fly rod and reels, using a combination of tropical floating lines.

A full tackle and gear list along with an order form, should you wish some of the gear through us will be sent after booking your dates.