Tim Babich

Tim Babich – Guide

Fishing has been Tim’s life long passion, it all starting when his father exposed him to fly fishing at a very tender age. Subsequently Tim has achieved numerous fly fishing qualification including REFFIS (UK) and THETA (South Africa) before joining the FlyCastaway team in 2006. Apart from his extensive all round angling experience in South Africa, Tim has fished in Kenya, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Mauritius, Zambia, Namibia and the United Kingdom. He gets immense satisfaction by sharing his knowledge and passion for fishing with guests. E-Mail: tim@flycastaway.com

Where it all started

I’ve been fishing since the age of 5; being fortunate enough to be born into an angling family where fishing was an everyday occurrence. I have spent every possible minute of my life since then trying to better myself in all aspects of angling, whether it is light tackle boat, bank angling, rock and surf and fly fishing. I have achieved provincial colors for the following facets in Angling Light Tackle Boat Juniors, Light Tackle Boat Seniors and Skippers for the Ladies Team, Freshwater Seniors Bank Angling, Fly Fishing Seniors A-Team and more recently my South African Fly Fishing colors.

I have explored a vast array of fishing venues in an attempt better myself as an angler. Most people have not been privileged as I have to encounter such a diverse range of fisheries in destinations including Kenya, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, the United Kingdom, Mozambique, Namibia, Poland as well as a large percentage of South Africa’s coastlines, rivers and lakes. In saying this, the most impressive fisheries I have encountered are without doubt the remote outer atolls of the Indian Ocean. St Brandon’s, Providence, Cosmoledo, Astove, Farquhar and Assumption are in my opinion some of the finest saltwater flats destinations on the planet and a ‘must do’ for any avid fly angler!

My Passion

I achieved my REFFIS (Register of Experienced Fly Fishing Instructors) qualification in 2004. From that day onwards it has been a non-stop guiding experience. Guiding in South African freshwater has been a great advantage to me as I have spent countless hours attempting to perfect fishing for our local Yellowfish species. In saying this, the last five seasons I have spent in Seychelles and St Brandon’s, have without question been the most exciting fishing I have witnessed. I have learnt a lot over the past 19 years and still find myself learning something new everyday. My main goals in fishing are to better myself everyday with new techniques, share my vast knowledge of fishing with the people that I will guide, as well as to instill the need to conserve the magnificent creatures we fish for.