Matthieu Cosson – Head Guide

Matthieu found his way from France to the Seychelles in April 2006 when he received a text message from a friend from Belgium, asking him to guide some of his mates on a trip to Cosmoledo.

Before that, he had moved to Brittany in 2004, after quitting his job as a pharmaceuticals expert in Lorraine, to work full time as an assistant editor and photographer for the foremost (and now defunct) French fly fishing magazine “Plaisirs de la Pêche“. During his work at the magazine, his assignment would lead him to over a dozen of countries with both fresh and saltwater fishing destinations.

Ever since walking the Seychelles’ flats for the first time, he has guided and visited almost all of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles, namely Aldabra, African Banks, Alphonse, Assumption, Astove, Bijoutier, Cosmoledo, Desroches, Farquhar, L.D.P. Shoal, Poivre, Providence, Remire island, Remire Bank, Saint-François, Saint-Joseph, Saint-Pierre, Sand Key.

He started fly fishing at the age of 15, targeting all the fish species available around his hometown of Epinal where he was born in 1975. From trout to pike and European Barbel to Grayling or Atlantic Salmon and Sea trout, Matthieu has an impressive array of freshwater fly fishing techniques under his belt.

His methodic approach has been applied to guiding in saltwater as well. He is comfortable pursuing either Bumphead Parrotfish and GT on the flats or bluewater fishing for Sailfish and Milkfish or dredging to nail Dogtooth Tuna and colorful Groupers, all in the same day, preferably!

Now at 41 years of age, Matthieu is definitely one of the very few guides in the world to possess such an extensive knowledge encompassing the entire Seychelles waters. Most guides barely know 3 to 4 atolls at best.

Having spent more than 9 years guiding the Seychelles Outer Islands, Matthieu is giving back to what he feels is a privilege to work in such a pristine environment by helping the NGO Island Conservation Society as much as he can. In 2011-2012, he has participated in the first ever large Bonefish DNA study, carried out by the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and Island Conservation Society Seychelles.

Since August 2015, Matthieu is also the second International Game Fish Association (I.G.F.A.) Official Representative for Seychelles. He has spent the last past three seasons guiding for FlyCastaway at St Brandon’s, Farquhar and Providence atolls.

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