Gerhard Laubscher

Gerhard Laubscher – CEO & Guide

Gerhard has been fly fishing since the age of 13. After finishing school in 1994 he guided and managed a small fly tackle shop in Dullstroom, before heading off to the University of Pretoria where he studied information science, psychology and publishing. After graduating, Gerhard decided to pursue his passion for the fishing industry. His saltwater fishing and guiding has taken him to just about every atoll and archipelago in the Indian Ocean and he has extensively fished both the east and west coasts of Africa. His focus on Southern Africa’s indigenous freshwater species like Tigerfish and Yellowfish has made him a forerunner in these fields. Over the years he has fished in just about every country in Southern Africa. He was instrumental in the development of the patterns and techniques for Largemouth Yellowfish. On the saltwater side Gerhard was instrumental in leading exploratory trips to west Africa looking for monster size Tarpon and has to date landed a fair few of these brutes, a feet never before accomplished. He is an accomplished fly tier and has designed numerous freshwater and saltwater fly patterns that are used all over the world today.

Over the years, conservation of our natural resources has become one of his primary objectives and he was instrumental in raising funds for and creating several conservation and research programs studying a variety of Africa’s indigenous species. His attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of Africa and her fish species ensures that FlyCastaway will stay cutting edge. E-Mail:

Where it all started

I was exposed to the wonders of the great outdoors at a young age, and through the guidance of my father learned the value of conservation. I learned that each ecosystem had its own charm and secrets that fascinated the young and old mind alike. It was inevitable that a lifetime pursuit of the great outdoors was waiting for me. Water held the greatest attraction for me, along with the almost mythical creatures that inhabit it. Today fly fishing is my medium of choice, the eyes through which I look at nature, with fish and water becoming my subjects.

My Passion

Every day I spend on the water I learn something new, whether it is a small mountain stream high up in a remote section of the Drakensberg, the tropical rain forest of West Africa, or a sand flat on a desolate coral atoll somewhere in the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean. Fly fishing takes me to the most beautiful places in the world, and through the years has exposed me to some of the most fascinating eco-systems known to man. It is this passion for the ecosystems around us, and the conservation of them that I would like to expose the world to.