Corin Smith

Corin Smith – Guide

Corin has a broad range of fly fishing experience in both fresh and saltwater. He has fished many locations around the world including, the Florida Keys, Scotland, England, Wales, France, Spain, USA, Canada, Cuba, Australia, New Caledonia, Xmas Island, Seychelles, Angola, South Africa and others. He is a passionate fly caster be it overhead or Spey, single or double hand and is a keen instructor with published articles. He is also a field researcher for a number of rod, line and apparel manufacturers. I’m often asked by people “When and why did you start fishing?” The honest answer is I don’t know and I’m not sure, it’s just something I’ve always done. I was born and raised on a small sheep farm in the Highlands of Scotland and I’ve spent my life surrounded and fascinated by nature. Fishing has always had a special and enduring allure and I think it’s because of the hidden nature of the quarry. There’s an unending mystery about fishing. Even now, 30 years on I’ll approach a bit of water dreaming about what monsters might lie beneath.

Where it all started

I’ve always fished with a fly, mainly because it’s what my father and previous generations did and it’s the only tackle I had. But to me fly fishing is so much more than simply the act of catching the fish. You are exposed to technical aspects of casting, product development, ecology, biology, geology, entomology, anthropology and so much more. It takes you places you’d never normally go, lets you communicate with people and connects you with different cultures even when language is a barrier. The learning never ends and new challenges and frontiers are always on the horizon.

My Passion

My current passion is for the large pelagics and refining techniques for finding and catching them on fly in their natural environment, free swimming and behaving normally.